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2021 and the IndieWeb

So here is what I will do in the year 2021: Since all those different social networks are having those negative effects of silos of which we don’t know how long they will make it before being out-of-date I will focus on owning my content.

Don’t get my wrong: I like the interaction that takes place on social-media. But what I don’t like are those big companys making my content their own and doing with it whatever they feel like.

Of course, this is going to be hard work to set up and it is going to be work to maintain. But as I do not want those companies to do it on their terms I will need to do it on my own.

Fortunately, I am really not alone. There is a community that help each other to reach this goal. Also, they have come up with a bunch of standards that we can use to connect to each other and to social media through our own websites without giving up control. So in 2021 I will focus on building my website to be compatible with the IndieWeb and connecting to people that also want to reach this goal.

This is not about just building tech. It is about people. For the sake of this I will not delete my social media accounts. Instead, the idea is to keep them and whenever I publish something, post a short text about it in the social media and link to my page so people can decide to just follow my blog in other ways instead. Of course, those other ways will have to be build first. But since I was already able to implement the rough data markup for blog posts (called "h-entry" and author identity (called "h-card") I think this will absolutely be possible.

Do you want to join me and many others in building an independend, interconnected web?

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