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A staging area for my website

Due to the fact that the indieweb is based on interaction between webservers I find it hard to test things not in production. Which is tempting especially because I really do not think my website is visited that often.

But as a developer I also have to keep the standard high because it may be difficult to maintain two very different standards in the freetime and at work. One thing I think nobody wants to end up with is being bad at their job. But enough for the philosophical talk ☺.

To solve the complexity of testing there is now a staging area for this website. If there is ever a need for serverside testing the pipeline will be like this:

  • Write the code of the experimental feature
  • Push it to the staging branch on gitlab
  • Gitlab will run a build
  • Vercel will get the code
  • Vercel will deploy the webpage to staging.hoschi-it.de
  • There the manual or automated tests can take place

#webdevelopment #indieweb