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Unsolicited rejection

Thanks for sharing that!

You are not alone in thinking deeply about such situations that are long gone. But somehow, they make one think. Deep inside, this will prepare you to handle similar rejections in the future. 🙂 Though it’s negative for now.


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Here are some things about the webpage (or my tech stack in general) that I want to accomplish:

☐ Fix: Jekyll plugin does not find outgoing webmentions
Wikify myself @indiewebcamp.org
☑ Relax
☐ Implement check lists (for real, not just via some specially formatted note post).
☐ put it on the IPFS, just for fun :D
☐ make publishing from mobile possible (via micropub)
☐ generate seperate h-feed and link to it

#reflections #webdevelopment

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I just completed the Content Addressing on the Decentralized Web tutorial and the Merkle DAGS tutorial on @ProtonSchool.

What I learned: Merkle DAGS allow only the changed parts of a graph of data to be needed to saved seperately, the rest of the structure only needs to be stored once. And I also, I didn’t know, that git is based on Merkle DAGS.

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Jetzt habe ich tatsächlich seit mehr als einer Woche viel an meiner Webseite weiter entwickelt. Unter anderem:

  • Ein komplett neues Design mit selbst-entwickeltem Farbschema
  • Neue Post-Typen:
    • Likes
    • Antworten
    • Reposts
    • Lesezeichen

Und dabei habe ich die ganze Zeit den einfachsten aller Post-Typen vergessen einzubauen: Die Notiz :D


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