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@publicvoit This musical covid-19 vaccine made my day 😂

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Es wird mal wieder Zeit zu sagen: Danke!

An alle, die sich der Verantwortung bewusst sind, die jeder Einzelne von uns Menschen trägt.
An alle, die dementsprechend bewusst handeln und für andere da sind.
An alle, die den Menschen um sich herum Gutes tun und der Gesellschaft eine Stütze sind.
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For people who want to get started with the indieweb I highly recommend reading and executing the tutorial in this blog post and also (if you like docs) going through the IndieWeb wiki to learn more.

Thank you very much for this excellent guide @Aaron. I found it still pretty up-to-date in 2020.

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  • 2020-12-28 19:31:20 +0000
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The hope of christmas

It’s not that we have hope to be able to save Christmas.
But we have hope because Christ(mas) saved us.
The savior of the world was born.

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11 months later

11 months later and I haven’t written the second post yet. Seems like life got harder and all that power I once had just vanished. But due to the fact that I am now writing again it could be the a new beginning for the website whose domain adress I already dismissed once.

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Rubber Ducks

A fun product landing page about rubber ducks